Flight Controls Rigging System for H-60

The Flight Controls Rigging System (FCRS-60-AA) for H-60 by EAA Tools is a two-part kit, including a full pin set (FCRK-60-AA) as well as an accessories kit (FCRA-60-AA). Together, they comprise a complete solution for rigging the H-60 flight controls in a fast, safe, and predictable manner. The FCRS-60-AA is backward-compatible with legacy and discontinued products provided by other manufacturers, but contains key improvements in quality and usability to provide a superior user experience.


The FCRK-60-AA is a complete set of the rig pins required to perform an H-60 flight control rig. This product is backward compatible with the legacy version. EAA has improved the F-pin to be compatible with all A/L/M model aircraft.

Kit Contents:

EAA-80-063-SqEAA-80-063Pin, Ground, Safety (Upper Broom Closet)1730-01-143-33652
EAA-80-064-SqEAA-80-064Pin, Ground Safety (Lower Broom Closet)1730-01-140-88294
EAA-42-041-SqEAA-42-041Pin, Pitch Lock (Walking Beam)5315-01-118-18892
EAA-42-042-SqEAA-42-042Pin, Pitch Lock (Bellcrank Support)5315-01-210-72761
EAA-80-042-SqEAA-80-042Pin, Ground Safety (Yaw Pedal Adjuster)1730-01-140-88272
EAA-80-070-SqEAA-80-070Pin, Ground Safety (Stabilator Switch and Synchro)1730-01-141-76381
EAA-80-068-SqEAA-80-068Pin, Ground Safety (Mixer, Yaw)1730-01-140-88311
EAA-80-043-SqEAA-80-043Pin, Ground Safety (Torque Shaft)1730-01-141-76374
EAA-80-065-SqEAA-80-065Pin, Ground Safety (Cyclic Stick Pitch)1730-01-147-99792
EAA-78-103-SqEAA-78-103Block, Rigging, Main Rotor Head (Damper Blocks)N/A4
EAA-80-062-SqEAA-80-062Pin, Ground Safety (Yaw/Servo Control)N/A2
EAA-80-044-SqEAA-80-044Pin, Ground Safety (Pitch/Roll Servo)1730-01-125-07832
EAA-80-066-SqEAA-80-066Pin, Ground Safety (Cyclic Stick Roll)1730-01-140-88302
EAA-80-071-SqEAA-80-071Pin, Ground Safety (Tail Rotor Servo)1730-01-140-88321
EAA-80-046-SqEAA-80-046Pin Assy, Rigging (Mixer)1730-01-125-53831
Pelican1750-sqEAA-FCRK-PKGCase, Foam, Inventory SheetN/A1

Flight Control Rigging Accessory Kit (FCRA-60-AA)

The FCRA-60-AA is a kit of rigging accessories to compliment the pin set. Completing a rig is possible without this product, but adding it to your tool portfolio will ensure rigging is completed efficiently and effectively.

Kit Contents:

LCG-60-AA-SqLCG-60-AALow Collective GaugeMeasure and verify the co-pilot's low collective stop bolt.1
PSSG-60-AA-SqPSSG-60-AAPrimary Servo/Swashplate GaugeMeasure and verify the piston extension of the primary servo and uniball.1
NOM-SqNOM-60-AANominal TrammelSet control rods to nominal lengths prior to installation, greatly accelerating rigging.1
FCBP-SqFCBP-60-AAFlight Control Bearing PressRemove, install, and inspect bearings at ends of flight control rods. 1
SCC-SqSCC-60-AASpring Cylinder ClampPrevent tail rotor spring cylinders from compressing when disconnected.2
DPLP-SqDPLP-60-AADigital Protractor Leveling PlateLevel a digital protractor with an expanded base.1
TRCR-SqTRCR-60-AATail Rotor Control Rod ToolSet tail rotor control rod to its nominal measurement.1
PAT-SqPAT-60-AAPCL Alignment Tool (6.5")Align the LDS and PAS without the FOD risk of the standard procedure.1
RCRPA-SqRCRPA-60-AARoll/Coll Pin Alignment ToolAlign and verify straight roll/coll bracket to prevent common rigging errors.1
LPAT-SqLPAT-60-AALDS/PAS Alignment Tool (3.5")Align the power control levers without the FOD risk of the standard procedure.1
TRK-SqTRK-60-AATail Rotor Cable Turnbuckle ToolPerform turnbuckle adjustment to set up tail rotor cable tension.2
TRQD-SqTRQD-60-AATail Rotor Cable Quick Disconnect ToolQuickly loosen or tighten tail rotor cables.1
Pelican1750-sqEAA-FCRA-PKGCase, Foam, Inventory SheetImpact and environmental resistant protective carrying case, including custom foam.1

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