Peculiar Tool (237 WP) Kit for H-60

Our newest addition, the EAA Tools H-60 237WP Peculiar Tool Kit (PTK-60-AA), or PTK, provides a procurable and inventoriable tool kit to replace the issued PTK, which is no longer commercially available. The PTK comprises specialized field-level items and tools compatible with the specifications found in the UH-60 series Technical Manuals (TM1-1520-237-23&P). EAA Tools has updated each tool in the PTK with key usability and durability improvements not found in the TM nor the previously marketed version.

Kit Contents:

SLP-SqSLP-60-AAStabilator Position Sensor Limit Switch LockpinCalibrate the cockpit indicator and stabilator limit switches.1
PST1-60-AA-SqPST1-60-AAPitot-Static Power Cable AssemblyProvide 28VDC power to the pitot-static tester.1
PST2-60-AA-SqPST2-60-AAPitot-Static Tee Air Hose Assembly (AFCS)Perform multiple system air data tests (H-60 adapters for the pitot static tester).1
PST3-60-AA-SqPST3-60-AAPitot-Static Tee Air Hose Assembly (Pitot-Static/IFF)Perform multiple system air data tests (H-60 adapters for the pitot static tester).1
BDTB-SqBDTB-60-AABlade De-Ice Test BlockBrace and isolate the blade de-ice test block.1
SPTH-SqSPTH-60-AAMiscellaneous Switch Panel Test HarnessTest the de-ice system.1
FP-SqFP-60-AAInput Module Flange PullerRemove the flange from the input module.1
BDTH-SqBDTH-60-AABlade De-Ice Test Harness (WP 2165)Test the de-ice system.1
PFAL-SqPFAL-60-AAH-60A/L Protractor FixtureAid in measuring the Stabilator angle (A/L models).1
PFM-SqPFM-60-AAH-60M Protractor FixtureAid in measuring the Stabilator angle (M models).1
SIT-SqSIT-60-AASeal Installation Tool SetInstall seals for input module, main GB, intermediate GB I/O, and tail rotor GB output.1
SSBP-SqSSBP-60-AASwashplate Scissor Bearing PressRemove and install swashplate and scissor bearings.1
SBRT-SqSBRT-60-AAStabilator Bolt Removal ToolRemove a stuck right hand/left hand stabilator hinge fitting bolt.1
TRQD-SqTRQD-60-AATail Rotor Cable Quick Disconnect WrenchQuickly loosen or tighten tail rotor cables.1
PBRW-SqPBRW-60-AATail Rotor Pivot Bearing Replacement WrenchRemove and install the tail rotor pivot bearing.1
OPIT-SqOPIT-60-AAOil Pump Installation ToolAssist in installing the oil pump.1
ZBAR-SqZBAR-60-AAMain Module Hardware Installation ToolTorque main module hardware.1
WDGE-SqWDGE-60-AAWedge, 30/60/90 degreePerform functional checks on gyros and accelorometers (see WP).1
DBW-SqDBW-60-AADrag Beam Wedge, 5/85/90 degreePerform functional checks on gyros.1
PCLT-SqPCLT-60-AAPitch Control Link ToolAlign elastomeric bearings on the main rotor pitch control rods.1
RBTA-SqRBTA-60-AAAFT Main Mod Mount Bolt Torque AdapterPerform torque checks on aft main module bolts without disassembly.1
FBBW-SqFBBW-60-AAFixture Brace for Bifilar Weights BoltsAssist in applying torque to the bifilar weight 15/16” and 1-1/16” bolt heads.1
SBCAT-SqSBCAT-60-AASpindle & Blade Cuff Washer Alignment ToolAlign spindle and blade cuff washers for reliable and permanent bonds.1
Pelican1750-sqEAA-PTK-PKGProtective Case and Custom FoamImpact and environmental resistant protective carrying case, including custom foam.1

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