Expeditionary Maintenance Kit for H-60

EAA Tools offers the H-60/S-70 Series Comprehensive Expeditionary Kit (EXP-60-AA) to support the new emphasis on Expeditionary Aviation Operations. The EXP, a deployable package comprising a selection of carefully chosen peculiar hand tools, empowers the soldier/end-user to operate with limited external resupply while reducing mobility footprint. The kits use MIL-SPEC Pelican 1730 Protector Transport cases with embedded roller wheels, which are watertight, crushproof, and dustproof. A full EXP can be transported in the space of two H-60 seats, providing a force multiplier and force projection. Using the EXP, a line company has the capability to operate autonomously for an extended period with minimal support, capable of performing most (90%) heavy maintenance tasks while providing operational readiness for the short term until heavy maintenance support arrives. The EXP is fully deployable, portable, and inventoriable for accountability.

Kit Contents:

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