The EAA Tools Blade & Spindle Washer Alignment Tool (previously known as the Blade & Spindle Cuff Alignment Tool) is an off-the-shelf, all-in-one replacement for a) WP 2014 00, Figure 43, b) WP 1602 00, Figure 32, and c) WP 1602 00, Figure 200. The EAA Tools Blade & Spindle Washer Alignment Tool completes both blade and spindle washer alignment/replacement tasks with notable performance, usability, and quality improvements over the standard design.

Notable Design Improvements

  • Kit contains centering tools compatible with both Blade and Spindle Cuff washers–doubling the utility of the tool.
  • Centering tools are dislodged during the tightening action, preventing unwanted adhesion to the blade or spindle.
  • Centering tool material is now smooth plastic rather than hard metal, ensuring that even damaged tools fit without interference.
  • Top pressure plate includes a reduced outer diameter to prevent unwanted adhesion.
  • Top pressure plate includes slotting to accommodate prying action from a standard screwdriver.

Kit Configuration Options

  1. Single bushing kit (1 clamp-up set, 1 spindle and 1 blade insert).
  2. Single Blade/Spindle Kit (2 clamp sets, 2 spindle and 2 blade inserts).
  3. Complete Aircraft Kit (8 clamp sets, 8 spindle and 8 blade inserts); Most recommended to perform all 4 spindles or all 4 blades at one time.
  4. Complete Aircraft Kit (16 clamp sets, 16 spindle and 16 blade inserts). Can perform all 4 blades and spindles at one time.

Approved Commercial Equivalent Clamp per ADDENDUM to H-60-14-AMAM-13 FORCEMATE BUSHING WORK PACKAGES, TM 1-1520-237-23-6. 2014 00-4.


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