The H60 Main Rotor Blade (SP-60-AA) Spindle Puller is used to effectively pull the spindle free from the Main Rotor Hub Assembly. As a one-person task, it is designed to control the removal of the spindle, even if stuck due to corrosion or abrasion.

Every Spindle Puller is delivered in a Pelican case with custom MIL-spec foam cushioning, allowing for easy and safe transportation or storage.

The Spindle Puller is comprised of a single base plate with three ACME driver assemblies threaded to hex nut holders that push against the main rotor hub. The driver assembly rods have driver feet that allow to for self-articulation and adjustment when pushing against the hub. Spindle stainless steel cross pins with retaining plungers are inserted into the main rotor blade cuff lugs allowing the tool to safely pull the spindle free from the hub as it pushes against the base plate. A safety retention nylon webbing attached to the spindle plate, using a safety retainer puck inserted into the hub spindle inspection port, catches the spindle once it is freed, preventing it from being dropped.


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